About The Joget Marketplace

Joget DX started out as a workflow automation software that has evolved into a no-code/low-code platform with many powerful features for pro-coders and non-coders to build enterprise applications and automate business processes.

The Joget Marketplace is a software marketplace where Joget DX web apps and plugins are published and shared. Citizen Developers, business users, IT personnel, software developers or any users are able to download Joget apps and plugins to use as templates and/or tutorials. Users are able to modify and make changes to some of these apps and plugins to suit their needs.

Most of the Joget DX apps and plugins can be used in production environments depending on the needs and requirements. Apps can be combined or published as a standalone.

If you are new to the Joget DX platform, the following is a structured overview and primer of the Joget DX Platform.

1. Joget DX Quick Overview

Please take a look at the attached slide and brochure that will give you an overview of the platform.

2. Videos and tutorials

4. Get Started Now

5. Joget DX Info & Resources