by Joget, Inc.

This is a demonstration app to show the usage of Section Wizard and Section Tab form element plugins. 

This Section Wizard and Tabs is a Form Element plugin that changes the display of a form's sections, originally from top to bottom, to a horizontal tab/wizard type display. Joget form section visibility control is maintained to show or hide the tabs (section).



  • The Section Tab/Wizard element MUST be the last or bottommost element in your form.
  • If you downloaded this app from the Joget Marketplace, it includes the "Section Wizard" and "Section Tabs" plugin. If you cannot see this form field element in your Form Builder, you can download this plugin directly from Joget Marketplace and import the plugin via the Plugin Manager.
  • This app was designed for Joget v6 Enterprise and higher. Click here to download the app for v5.


What's New

  • 26-Apr-2016: Updated .jwa app with correct hyperlinks in Welcome page.
  • 05-May-2016: Updated section wizard .jar to support nested Section Wizard and new option to support clickable steps.
  • 04-Apr-2019: App updated for Joget Professional/Enterprise v6 with new v6 compatible section & tab plugins.
  • 13-May-2019: Section Tab plugin updated to fix UI issues on tab title.
  • 01-Jun-2020: Plugin updated for compatibility with Joget DX.
  • 25-Jun-2020: Plugin updated with a fix for NPE in Joget DX.
  • 08-Jul-2020: Plugin updated with a fix for mandatory fields in Joget DX.
  • 14-Jul-2020: Section Tab plugin updated with new option to load all tabs if the developer wants to run Javascript in unopened tabs.
  • 19-Jun-2021: Plugins updated with minor fixes.
  • 27-Sep-2021: Plugin updated to fix wrong cursor type when hovering on tabs.
  • 16-Dec-2021: Plugin updated to cater for Joget DX v7.0.25 new security fixes.
  • 14-Feb-2022: Plugin updated with fix for section with visibility condition.
  • 29-Nov-2022: Plugin updated with fix for select box dropdown visibility.
  • 15-Dec-2022: Plugin updated with fix for multiple section tabs in a form.



Additional App Information

December 15, 2022
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Joget, Inc.
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