by Joget, Inc.

This is a tutorial app that showcases the various types of graphic charts that are available in Joget Enterprise.

The following are features of Joget Charts:

  1. Uses SQL query commands to retrieve and populate the chart.
  2. You can define the height, width and color of the rendered chart.
  3. If you choose bar chart, you can specify to render in horizontal or vertical orientation.
  4. Bar charts allow you to display stack elements.
  5. All charts allow you to key in additional text above and below the chart. This app used the bottom footer to provide additional description about the chart.
  6. Finally, you decide the source of the data (Datasource) or database to 'pull' your data from. It can be an external database outside of Joget.


Introducing the Preset Form Data Tool plugin, an inbuilt process tool that this app uses to populate the database table to feed data to the bar and stock charts. This process is automatically executed when you log into the app.



  • The tutorial app was originally designed for Joget v5 Enterprise.
  • This tutorial uses MySQL SQL query syntaxes. If you are running on another database, you can modify the SQL commands in the Userview>SQL Chart properties.



  • 17-May-2017: Updated app with required MySQL GROUP BY columns added as used in SELECT clauses.


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March 24, 2017
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Joget, Inc.
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