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Welcome to Simple Messaging App for Joget v6 Enterprise, Professional, and Cloud editions. You can easily chat with Joget users within your organization using this app.

The Simple Messaging App has two chat modes:

  1. Global Chat to view and chat with all users in your Joget platform.
  2. Private Chat for a one-to-one chat.

Administrators can view all messages via the Chat History menu. The Chat History menu contains datalist filters for administrators to conveniently filter chat history according to thread, sender and date.

This messaging app is bundled with a messaging web service  plugin to enable desktop notifications. Messages are refreshed every 30 seconds and on screen notifications are polled every 10 seconds.

The polling notifications works by first creating a datalist called "New Message Notification" and populating necessary columns such as sender, receiver, message and timestamp.

The messaging plugin then read records from this datalist. A custom javascript present in the userview settings will consume the web service plugin to generate and delegate the notifications to the correct Joget users.

Features of the Messaging App

  • Distinct chat bubble colors for easy identification of Global Chat users
  • Polling Messages
  • Polling Notifications (for desktop browsers only)
  • Responsive Mobile UI
  • Works with Cloud Edition


  • The messaging app needs to remain open in your browser to receive message notifications.
  • Do allow notifications permission when prompted when you run this app for the first time.
  • You can customize the message fields, message presentation and notification polling interval in the Javascript code present in the Global Chat form and  Private Chat forms. Feel free to customize this app to suit your organizational requirements.
  • Do keep in mind NOT to set the interval too short (eg. 1 second polling) to avoid a high processing load on the server
  • If you change the UI/Userview theme, do copy over the Javascript and CSS from the old theme to the new theme.
  • The Messaging App is not compatible with Joget Community edition (all versions), and Joget v5 and earlier.


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December 26, 2023
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Joget, Inc.
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