by Joget, Inc.
The ISIC App is a utility app that will allow you to set up and manage the United Nation's list of national activities code and description.
  1. By managing the ISIC list separately, you will be able to reuse the ISIC list in all your forms in any of your apps.
  2. It gives you the convenience to make changes and managing the ISIC list from a central location.
  3. The ISIC data are gathered from numerous public domain reference materials, and every effort is made to be as accurate as possible.



  • This app was updated for Joget v6 and higher in Professional/Enterprise edition.
  • This app employs the following v6 features:
    • Using the latest v6 Universal Theme which is responsive and mobile ready.


Notes On Database:

  • This app needs a bigger database column datatype of LONGTEXT in JSON column due to the embedded sample data.
  • If you are:
    1) running Joget Enterprise on version 4, or
    2) recently updated your Joget from version 4 to version 5,
    please refer to this link in Joget Knowledge Base to perform the necessary database changes to change the column datatype (examples are for MySQL).
  • The above step is not required if you are running Joget Enterprise/Professional v 5 or newer, as all JSON database columns are already in LONGTEXT.


Additional App Information

March 11, 2020
Developer Info
Joget, Inc.
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Peter Young
The problem was with the mysql database! The database column JSON is too small to accomodate the size of the app. This is due to the enbedded sql records in the app to populate the class and division etc. tables. It seem that the Joget database needs a little TLC to install this app: Here is the link for the FIX: Thanks to Andrew @ Joget for the fix By the way, The app is Great !!!
August 4, 2016
Peter Young
There is a problem with this app! It doesn't install... The import from the downloaded file is giving me an error 500. This app shoud be remove if it's not working
August 2, 2016