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Joget has a Signature form element to capture signature in your forms.

With the Signature Hash Variable plugin, you can now display the signature graphics in your email notifications.

The syntax for the signature hash in an email is:

  <img src="#signature.tableName.fieldId#&width=400&height=400"/><br/>


  • #signature. => is a fixed Joget hash keyword.
  • tableName. => is your database table name containing the signature field.
  • fieldId# => is your form field id.
  • width and height are optional parameters to customise the size of the signature display.

The signature hash has two requirements:

  • Input the symbol asterisk "*" (without quotation marks) in "API Domain Whitelist" in General Settings > Settings to allow the JSON API to function without triggering CSRF warning.
  • The app that is sending the email with the signature hash must have a public IP address. It will not work with a localhost Joget due to the design of the signature hash which performs a JSON call back to the Joget server to retrieve the signature image when viewing the email.

FYI you can also use the signature hash in your form's Custom HTML element.

The latest plugin filename is signature_image_link-7.0.0.jar.


What's New

  •  06-Oct-2020 Fixed minor var name typo error.


Steps To Import This Plugin

  1. Click "Download" on this plugin screen (It will be a .jar file).
  2. Go to your Joget localhost or server, in Joget Console navigate to "Admin Bar>Systems Settings>Manage Plugins" and click "Upload Plugins" button.
  3. In "Upload Plugin", select the plugin .jar file you just downloaded, then click "Upload".
  4. Depending on the plugin type, you can now view your new plugin in your form or Process > Email Tools.
  5. Remember to always uninstall the old plugin before uploading a new version.
  6. The Joget Knowledge Base has more information on managing and developing plugins.


Additional Plugin Information

October 6, 2020
Developer Info
Joget, Inc.
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