by Justin Wee

This is a sample app demonstrating the use of the new process tool plugin called Task Sequencer. The plugin "task-sequencer-tool-1.0.0.jar" is automatically installed into your Joget platform after imported this app.

This tool allows business owner who wants the flexibility to transverse around a process flow in any flow sequence one requires (e.g. A to B to to C to A to C...) with endless possible flow permutation instead of the traditional serial start to end (e.g. A to B to C) flow with limited permutation.

When configuring this tool, you have two options: by Activity id or Workflow variable.


Screenshot of the task sequencer process tool plugin configuration


The task sequencer plugin configuration has four parameters:

  1. Name for 'workflow sequence' workflow variable (Default name is 'sequence' if left blank): Stores the sequence of task remaining
  2. Name of 'current sequence position' workflow variable (Default name is 'currentPosition' if left blank): Stores the current sequence position
  3. Sequence by: choose "Workflow Variable" or "Activity Id"
  4. Default sequence: Define the sequence of task to run

This app has two example workflow processes:

  1. In the "Start Task Sequence by Workflow Variable" process, you can manually control the flow by choosing the next activity to jump to.
  2. In the "Start Task Sequence by Activity Id" process, the activity flow is predetermined by the default sequence in the configuration tool.

You can download just the plugin itself from Joget Marketplace.


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March 25, 2017
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Justin Wee
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