by Joget, Inc.

Leverage the Task Management and Tracking App (TMT) to virtually monitor task progress and track the amount of time spent on each task.

Users will be able to receive a reminder two days before the deadline to ensure every task assigned is being completed on time. You can assign a task to the respective users and track the work progress with the Monthly Submission Chart.


Usage Guidelines

  1. Submit a daily update form and assign the task to the users.
  2. Users can update the status in the work progress tab from To Do to Doing/On Hold to Completed.
  3. You can track and monitor the tasks with the calendar tab to meet deadlines.
  4. Users will receive a notification 2 days before the due date of the pending tasks.
  5. You can check the number of pending and completed tasks with the monthly submission chart.



This app uses the Push Notification Plugin Tool. Click here to install the plugin tool from the Joget Marketplace to receive a reminder (notification) 2 days before the due date.


Updated On 7-Sep-2020 With New Features

  1. The assigner will be able to assign a task to the assignee, based on different departments.
  2. You can update your work progress based on the respective date with the "update section" in the Daily Update Submission Form.
  3. You can use the Dashboard in the app to monitor the Work Progress, Calendar and Monthly Submission Chart.


Additional App Information

September 7, 2020
Developer Info
Joget, Inc.
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